Retail Trend Report

An interesting forecast about the post-recession consumer comes from the Retail Trend Report, published by LSN, the lifestyle news network. 2012: in search of a "New Normal" World.

Focus on the consumer and shopping in the post-recession era: Retail Trend Report 2012 by LSN, the lifestyle news network. From the introduction onward, the report outlines the profile of post-recession consumer eager to find the 'new normal" world. A consumer who will demand value and values community, in every shopping channel. Traditional craftsmanship and advanced online technology are not polar opposites, but walk together hand in hand. Some interesting points from the report:
- Re-inventing Retail. The post-recession consumers are rewriting the rules of retail according to their need for value, community-based heritage craftsmanship, and the ultimate online technology, digital technology.
- A new normal world. Digital super convenience, multichannel retail, and even basic, stripped down product ranges. Brands like Nike and Adidas, Waitrose and Issey Miyake have responded to the challenge and demand of the "New Normal” with  genuine eco-credentials at affordable prices.
-Trends. Gucci, Nokia or Levi's have found ways to use "rural" inspired issues, craftsmanship and tradition to creep into the "new normal" desire for a sense of conviviality in retail.
- Innovation. Focus on how forward-thinking retailers such as Rapha, Erik Ticket and Stella Artois are creating a new world of "Wraparound Retail".

(source: thefuturelaboratory.com)