Good to read

15 minuti (+5)
Carlo De Mattia

The special gift of a friend of Grottini Retail Environments: Carlo De Mattia, architect and designer. A short journey through pictures and words. 15 minutes to read, at most 20!

A unique book, with few but select text and many images to absorb a quarter of an hour. That is the concept of the new book "15 minutes (+5)" conceived by Carlo De Mattia, architect, designer and strategic communication consultant. A concept living on the immediacy of genuine images taken with a cell phone camera, presented with free flowing thoughts. The author observes and reflects; objects, concepts, inspirations, and visions and nature; landscapes, scenes, perspective, architecture, the natural and the "artificial", and the concept of structure. The author inspires us with image and design, covering topics as diverse as the web, art in its broadest sense, and iconography. Different moods different inspirations, a hint of sacred and a hint of technological.

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