Shoexpress, 3 New Stores in the UAE.

Grottini Retail Environments and Shoexpress partner in the creation of three new stores in the most prominent malls in the UAE, all opened in August.

In August, Shoexpress opened three large stores in the most dominant shopping centers in the UAE market; Sharjah City Centre, Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Mall. This increases the brand's presence in the UAE and Gulf countries.

Grottini Retail Environments lead the project from the creation of the stores to "turnkey" project: study of the format, to the adaptation of each location, to each single realization and execution.
Shoexpress is well known as a quality "value retailer", offering an extensive range of quality footwear and accessories, at very competitive prices. The store concept was designed to express all the key points of the brand and product lines to it’s consumer base
Grottini worked with the Shoexpress team to develop a concept that conveys freshness. The intention was to make the space functional, and ‘open’. Product can be displayed in versatile areas, allowing comfort and ease of movement for the shopper.

A "rack room" system was developed to allow a fresh, simple and rational setting for the product, allowing the shopper to efficiently find their products of choice. All components of the design were thoughtfully chosen to create a pleasant shopping experience, from the high-performance technical materials to lighting and visual elements.

A strong white color impact and create a  sense of cleanliness, lightness and brightness. Accent colors provide interest and visual communication cues, quickly understood by the customer: regal grey for the men's department, captivating yellow for women, the playful green area dedicated to children and the unmistakable red from the reception/counters area.
The project was also designed for the enhancement in presenting additional product categories such as accessories; handbags, jewelry, hosiery and belts.
Grottini Retail Environments is very proud to have successfully undertaken this challenge, and supported an important client in their highest profile new locations. The Grottini family and team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support in this undertaking,  including Jatin Purohit (architect), Grant Parnell (General Manager) and especially Manu Jeswani for trusting Grottini’s capacities in this very important project.


Pictured: Vijayendra, Rangana, Maribel, May ann, Sunil, Mary, Joe, Anchal, Piyush, Fahad, Jatin, Veronica, Erishad, Jecob, Grant.

Pictured (left): Manu Jeswani during the ribbon cutting ceremony.