World Retail Congress & Surveys.

Surveys, forecasts and predictions at the World Retail Congress. Experts seem to have a priority to ensure the future growth of the business: the analysis of sales data.

Fall has just begun and the Retail world is already into great international events. Among these, the World Retail Congress, the largest annual conference every year gathering the major retail industry leaders. Over 1000 executives from all over the world so gathered in Berlin for an intense and rich program based on those retailers’ considerations concerning the future of the business: understanding the importance of multi-channel retail for brands, assessing the growth in mobile communications and the use made by the modern consumer, ensuring a successful global growth and gaining a true understanding of buyer’s behavior, both off and online.
Another interesting point was given about surveys, studies and reports;
30% of retail experts attending the World Retail Congress declared that "to analyze sales data” is the top priority towards the future business growth. So during the event week several surveys were performed with all results unveiled and ready to be analyzed in real time. Here's what almost a hundred of CFOs think about the future of retail:
- 67% think that working on developing the online presence and its potential and capacity is a priority for future business growth.
- 76% strongly believes that the store is bound to be "the ideal place of purchase for customers"
- 67% plan to open a large number of new stores by 2015.
- 61% expect the number of overseas stores will substantially increase over the next 3 years.
- A majority agrees China as the country with the most significant growth opportunities for the retail sector in the near future.
So, while the 2/3 of the industry leaders see online business as their priority, the same rate plans to open a number of "brick-and-mortar" shops in the next three years. Here is an example of how the focus of an industry in transition can split.
These surveys and researches in some way reveal the "prophecies" that some of the most important chains in the world make to themselves. But there’s a factor of the global retail able to fool even the best planned strategies and even the most infallible leaders. No, not "the economy", but the consumer.

(Source: retailindustry.about.com)