green tips

Recycling pays, always.

Interesting ideas gives us the heading "Retail Surgery", within the site Retail Week. Practical advice on operational issues to be addressed in the retail business today. For example, recycling.

Let’s explode the common myth that being "green" requires only efforts and has no advantage. When it comes to recycling, for example, the costs are more and more downhill. Steve Lee, chief executive at the Chartered Institution of Waste Management (UK), which represents over 7000 professionals in Waste sector, says "With higher volumes of recycling and developing markets for recycled materials, the cost of recycling is therefore lowered.". Furthermore, regardless of the type of waste produced by an activity, recycling has become a more advantageous option in cost than the disposal. Besides the economic factor, recycling can support the retail business in other ways. It can drive up the credentials of corporate responsibility and demonstrate to the customer a commitment towards a model of an environmentally responsible business.
In addition, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, the activities are able to cut CO2 emissions. Lee also indicates another important aspect in this sense: the cooperation of enterprises, which compare and inform about how others manage recycling, this meaning a valuable source for improving efficiency in practice.