Retail rules!

In the recent ranking by Fortune 2011 "Businessperson of the Year", four out of the top ten ranking positions are occupied by major players in International retail. Who are they?

Fortune has just revealed the results of its "Businessperson of the Year" for 2011, and retail industry leaders occupy four out of ten positions, showing distinctive power and leadership compared to all other sectors.

With the Euro in trouble, the “Occupy” movement, unemployment figures and more,  2011 has been one of those tough and challenging years. At the end of such a demanding and turbulent year for the business world, highest honors go to those leaders able to combine numbers and performance with an active political and societal presence.  As Fortune was deciding its Businessperson of the year from among the very suitable 49 executive candidates, many great histories and examples of success surfaced. Facebook, for example,  has doubled revenues in the year its CEO turned 27, Jim Skinner at McDonald's boosted profits despite raw material costs soaring, and the top list included even Ralph Lauren, Reid Hoffman at LinkedIn and Andrew Mason at Groupon. However, according to Fortune, Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ founder and CEO, deserves the top spot above all other’s. Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO placed second, James Skinner, Vice President and CEO at McDonald's was fifth, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, placed eighth.