Professor Bernd Hallier

Grottini Retail Environments would like to highlight Professor Bernd Hallier, President of ERA, the European Retail Academy, and to recognize his contribution to the Europe's retail development.

The Agribusiness Forum began in 2005 upon the initiative of the ERA (European Retail Academy) and Messe Berlin, created to promote the dialogue between agriculture and retail.  At the recent relaunch and redesign of the ABF site, the spotlight was on the authoritative personality of Professor Bernd Hallier, ERA’s founder and current president.
The academy is a virtual platform developed to bring more transparency into research and education and to promoting the exchange and development of ideas between business and academia. Professor Hallier has provided a crucial contribution to the development and evolution of retailing. 
While the ERA’s mission has always been to provide transparency of the market and to identify trends, for the benefit of retail education.  Professor Hallier’s resume speaks to a rich career of notable experiences and successes in research and leadership. Professor Hallier has served as chairman of the EuroShop Advisory Board, the activities director of the AIDA Brussels Board and Director at EHI, the European Retail Institute.

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