Grottini Retail Environments&Emke Group per il nuovo LuLu Hypermarket.

Grottini Retail Environments & Emke Group Are Together Again With Another new LuLu Hypermarket

Emke Group's, LuLu Hypermarket chain opens yet another brand new space. Now Abu Dhabi's Mushrif Mall will have LuLu's world-class shopping experience.

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Rinascimento: a Bologna il tradestore si rinnova.

X-mas windows in NY.

Let's share the special wishes our friend and collaborator Richad Cadan created, with all the amazing X-mas windows in NY!

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Convegno Retail Design POPAI Italia

Dancing with an IPOD.

Finally, please enjoy with us this special video of American teen-ager Preston Leatherman. We dare you not to smile as you watch him!

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Eye on

Retail & Philanthropy

An interesting article brings a new perspective to Philanthropy. Helping others is a winning opportunity for retailers: supporting community, business and sustainability.

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Retail & Charity

Retail Design Collective NY

In its headquarters at 7W New York ®, the Retail Design Collective event has just completed, New inspiration, fresh ideas!

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Shoptalk San Francisco

Retail Visions Conference Recap, POPIA Italy.

Grottini Retail Environments is proud to be one of the key sponsors of the 4th edition of the this conference dedicated to the Retail Design, organized by POPAI Italy.

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Shoptalk San Francisco

Retail rules!

In the recent ranking by Fortune 2011 "Businessperson of the Year", four out of the top ten ranking positions are occupied by major players in International retail. Who are they?

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Retail rulez!

Nursery for Men.

Ikea in Sidney, Australia launches a new original space dedicated to the counterpart of it's female consumer. Togther with the kid's version, now there is an entertaining space to occupy Men!

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Professor Bernd Hallier

Grottini Retail Environments would like to highlight Professor Bernd Hallier, President of ERA, the European Retail Academy, and to recognize his contribution to the Europe's retail development.

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Pr. Bernd Hallier

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