Carol: More Than Just a Pharmacy, a Destination Where Shopping is the Best Medicine.

Grottini Retail Environments partners in a new project in the Dominican Republic: Farmacia Carol. Not just a "pharmacy" but an amazing experience… where shopping is the best medicine.

Grottini Retail Environments expands our reach again. This time we headed to the Dominican Republic for a new project with a renowned chain in the pharmaceutical sector, Farmacia Carol. Grottini Retail Environments worked side by side with G.H.A., a significant American design firm, overseeing and directing all related to interior retail design elements and graphic communication; from concept to execution to finished installation.

The Farmacia Carol, is presented in a building with significant scale, unusually large for the sector at 500 square meters. Architecturally, the building conveys strength, simplicity and creativity with a contemporary and unconventional style.

This project was designed to create a professional and friendly retail environment: all aspects of the concept design, from the division of space, to materials and colors all align with this goal. In this environment, Farmacia Carol offers not only pharmaceuticals but also cosmetics, gifts, stationery, food and drinks.

All project materials were planned to create harmony, each unique component presented a synergy of design, aesthetics and functionality when all combined. Color is a critical aspect in this design, conveying messages to the shopper, from a comforting white and green to the exuberant and welcoming tone of the red entry. Décor and details support these messages and make the space a pleasure to experience; as in the eye-catching colored bag bean chairs.

Lighting, too, supports the message, brand and experience: Through lighting, the ceiling becomes a sophisticated and complex structure, capturing the geometry of both steel lines, shadows and light.

The environment conveys ease to the consumer, yet presents animation and movement through visual elements and fixtures, such as large containers, tables and booths. The environment further speaks to the consumer through graphics and imagery, delivering both information and inspiration on a parade of panels, suspended and on walls.