Run & Challenge!

New running challenges! Paolo Bravi (President of Running Team Grottini Team Mezzofondo Recanati) is one of the 9 athletes representing Italy at the upcoming 100 km. World and European Championship.

The new year begins with excitement  for Grottini Retail Environments. Paolo Bravi, athlete and president of the Grottini Team Mezzofondo Recanati, is among the athletes who have been selected by the Ultramarathon Federal Technical Sector, to represent Italy at the upcoming 100 km. World and European Championship race; also on the list is the current world champion, Giorgio Calcaterra. The race will be held on April the 22nd in Seregno, Italy, and will assign the individual male and female title, and host the National teams for the European and World Cup.

Paolo is an acclaimed and decorated marathon runner known well beyond his region.  An engineer, Paolo has also been president of the Grottini Team Mezzofondo Recanati since December 2010. The running association was created in 2002, thanks to the commitment of founding members Paolo Bravi and Graziano Morelli, and was designed to inspire Grottini’s home city of Porto Recanati with the passion and practice of athletics. The group shares a philosophy with Grottini Retail Environments, making this sponsorship and partnership a natural fit. Through team spirit and steady growth, the group was able to achieve their goals and is considered a landmark in the field of community running and athletics.

Paolo Bravi, was excited when learning of his selection: "Finally I’ve reached a goal I sought for so long; I owe a lot to all those who have taught me in sport and in life, both in past and present times". Now the hard part; to train and do the qualifying marathons along with his team-mates: The Ravenna, Bracciano and Trasimeno Lakes and Rome Marathons too.

Our warmest wishes of Good Luck to Paolo!
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