What's in a QR?

What's the future of QR codes in Communication and Marketing? Grottini Lab leverages their potential to capture the consumer for a more integrated and immersive shopping experience.

Once upon a time…. in 1994 in Japan, ​​Denso Wave had an idea: QR codes (QR stands for Quick Response) would solve the need of a code with quickly decodable contents and create easier warehouse inventory management.

Today we see QR codes more and more frequently, almost everywhere we look; a peaceful but ongoing invasion. These 2-D barcodes are usually connected to a multi-media content, and may contain a wide variety of information: a web address or email, a text, a business card or a video link or even a map.

In an article on, Ekaterina Walter, social media strategist at Intel, poses challenging questions about the future of QR codes: will the public acquire a QR code awareness or will QR codes end up being a one trick pony for promotional campaigns? The trend toward an increasing "personal technology" suggests that the potential is there, but the question remains:  Will market players be able to fully exploit all opportunities QR codes have to offer? If so, then, what to do to drive consumers from their comfort zones and create incentives try the codes?

The article also presents some of the most creative, fun and interesting "QR code marketing" examples, all clear examples of the potential of this powerful tool to enrich the product experience, and offer the consumer a tangible added value: the value of reinventing and enhancing the Shopping Experience, meeting consumers’ desires, and providing real-time information while engaging in social competition.

Grottini Retail Environments hasn’t missed this potential opportunity. Our Grottini Lab division specializes in cutting edge technology solutions for dynamic communication applied to retail. We already use QR codes to transform and innovate the traditional shopping experience in our retail projects. Through increasingly creative and sophisticated applications and technologies, Grottini Lab turns QR codes into tools of communication, information and analysis, with goals that can be commercial, strategic or simply entertaining.  With QR codes, Grottini Lab is fostering involvement and interaction with consumers.