And the winner is… Prof. Eric Feigenbaum

Grottini Retail Environments is proud to celebrate the major recognition won by our friend Professor Eric Feigenbaum whose illustrious career has merited the coveted Markopoulos Award.

Grottini Retail Environments is pleased and honored to celebrate the well deserved recognition of our friend, collaborator and industry luminary, Professor Eric Feigenbaum. Professor Feigenbaum won the prestigious Markopoulos Lifetime Achievement Award on February the 29th, during the 20th edition of GlobalShop in Las Vegas, NV, USA. DDI (Display & Design Ideas) Magazine annually recognizes an authoritative professional in visual merchandising and the store design industry; this award recognizes an individual's career successes, achievements, support contribution and influence in our industry. Professor Feigenbaum began his illustrious career with a degree in Fine Arts at the City University of New York, when, as he says, "I had no idea there was something called Visual Merchandising.". As a charismatic leader and professional, Feigenbaum has built an extraordinary career for more than 30 years on several fronts from visual merchandising, store design, education and journalism. Professor Feigenbaum has contributed to the evolution of the profession through education and training of future generations of retail designers. In 1992 he was a founding member of PAVE and was also appointed head of the "Society of Visual Merchandisers", supported by the legend that inspired the award, Andrew Markopoulos. In our industry, Dr. Feigenbaum is known as both an inspired and inspiring professional. He boasts a long list of titles, positions, activities: Chair of the department of visual merchandising at LIM College, New York editor at VMSD magazine, President, Embrace Design (his own company) and Vice President Emeritus of PAVE Education, among others. Consistently sought as a 'must-have' speaker at our industry events, Dr. Feigenbaum has influenced and guided multitudes in our industry with his presentations and speeches at IRDC ( International Retail Design Conference) and A.R.E. Retail Design Collective. Embracing a global outlook, Eric Feigenbaum has always been committed to the promotion of visual merchandising around the world, from South America to Asia to Europe. Recently we at Grottini Retail Environments were very proud to feature Dr. Feigenbaum at the POPAI ITALY conference in Milan, Italy. Always a strong supporter of Green Design, Dr. Feigenbaum has been committed to sustainability for more than 20 years. We see the power of his foresight - in 1990 Dr. Feigenbaum's first article for DDI was entitled "The Human Touch". In this piece, he made a prediction: "In the 21st century, retailers will try to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the environment."

Congratulations to our friend Eric on this well deserved lifetime achievement award!

(Photo Credit: Professor Michael Creagh)