Taberna@Retail Big Show

We share the note of our partner Jim Crawford, principal, Taberna Retail, who captured the attention of the audience at the latest edition of the Retail Big Show

For anyone missing the recent edition of Retail's BIG Show event organized by the National Retail Federation in New York City, we share a video of one of the interesting notes of the always rich program. Jim Crawford, principal of Taberna Retail, consulting firm in Seattle, is known as a strong point of reference in retail strategy, analysis, marketing, and the shopping experience. In a packed room and a captured audience, Jim addresses retail innovation, technology and store design and illustrates the dangers for retailers focused on "multichannel retail". Jim's presentation discusses leveraging technology to create a positive shopping experience, that must be unified through all "touch points", rather than fragmented into several channels: from mobile technology, QR codes, augmented reality or also the "augmented translation", all the way to the extraordinary "digital paint" telling the history of a brand.

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