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New Design in the Bank

Great news from the world of Banking Retail Design, thanks to an innovative project conceived by the architect Robert Ruscio, President of Ruscio Architectural Studio and close friend of Grottini Retail Environments.

Bank design & customer care team up to rethink the way in which banks can attract and provide services to their customers, while rediscovering the value of experience in the environment.

The flagship branch of The National Bank of Canada, one of the most high profile of Toronto's financial district, is opening its doors with a whole new look and philosophy. As Mr. Pat Minicucci (Senior Vice President, Personal & Commercial Banking, Central, Western & Atlantic Canada) explains, customers do use ATMs or online tools to get information or for routine transactions, but when it comes to purchasing or investment decisions or when applying for a loan, they still ask for a direct contact.

For this project the bank chose Ruscio Studio of Montreal, an influential player in high-end retail design. "Our aim”, Robert Ruscio says , “is to create a welcoming space where customers and potential customers are willing to come and spend some time and interact with the staff.".

A bright red carpet hints at the first major element, a true red carpet for customers to come in, experience the banks special treatment and develop trust. In a pleasant space with comfortable seating, big screens provide information about the bank and all products offered, free WiFi, a space for meeting and informative seminars, a bar serving free drinks.  Instead of security guards, the dedicated reception staff greets and guides customers once inside.  "When someone comes into the bank for a coffee or even to escape the rain and read a book for half an hour, that’s the sign that the design hit the mark.", says Robert Ruscio, Italian-Canadian, considered one of retail’s most renown designers. Grottini Retail Environments is proud to call him a friend.

The National Bank is just one example of the growing trend in the US and in Europe to transform the offices of the largest banks into more exciting, unique and innovative spaces. If, in the past, banks didn’t appreciate their clients loitering, today we find clients invited and welcomed inside the bank, in a comfortable environment designed to create ease and empower dialogue with bank staff.

(source: The Globe and Mail)