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Bernie Brennan and Lory Schafer talk about social media and winning retailers in this book with the captivating title of "Branded! How Retailers Engage Consumers with Social Media and Mobility".

Here’s the  handbook to turn into a winning retailer in this new digital world. That was the mission of authors Bernie Brennan and Lory Schafer, in their book titled “Branded!”.
Today consumers are more and more technologically savvy and familiar with the use of social media; they are comfortable sharing their opinions on retailers, quality, products, prices and services, sometimes in real-time by smart phone or tablet from the store itself.  This book is meant to show the retailer the right way to “enter the consumers’ mind”, through this new digital method of listening, interaction and engagement. The authors present a valuable series of case histories of retailers embracing the “culture to consumer" approach for their business, fully leveraging the potential of social media. The book presents a sort of parade social media ‘superstars’, such as social media darling Starbucks, with its dozens of millions of  fans on Facebook. Not leaving out the likes of Zappo’s and its million Twitter followers, Wet Seal, an innovator as for engaging with teenagers thanks to its Outfitter social network; and Macy's using its digital hub to attract customers through all channels. Discussion of  brands such as, JC Penney, Pizza Hut, with its iPhone app and a “ubiquitous Tweetologist” and, of course, Best Buy and the leadership of its "The Connected World" all provide terrific examples for learning.