Engage the Consumer!

Here are most successful brands at engaging their consumers, according to the results of the "Harris Poll EquiTrend" study.

The NY based communication company Harris Interactive reveals the results of a recent study entitled "Harris Poll EquiTrend" , a study focused on spotting which brands are the best ones in establishing strong bonds and holding US consumers' loyalty. The very best three brands at the top of the ranking, in their categories, are: Kohl's, Nordstrom and Target. Other brands standing out include Costco, Walgreens and Panera.

Study evaluations used an academically voted brand equity model with elements of familiarity, quality and purchase consideration, through which brands build a solid and tight relationship with their consumers. The stronger the brand,the greater the bond. The Harris Poll EquiTrend study aimed at benchmarking how deep those bonds go and recognizes the highest ranked brands in each award category.

The study covered every possible sector, area and industry, from Airlines to Automotive to Entertainment, Financial Services or Media etc.

So let’s find out the whole ranking and the most engaging brands: