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Visual merchandising.
From Emotional Marketing to Visual Sale.

Antonio Provenzano

A valuable guide to discovering the secrets of successful visual merchandising, a "must" discipline when it comes to retailing and store management.

This book is geared to providing the essential skills to carry out a successful visual merchandising program. The text covers aspects connected to neuro marketing and visual grammar, to productive processes, with a special focus on product mix and facings.

You can also find “must” of operative and strategic activities: store lay-out examples, business areas, display structures, commonly used criteria and themes, construction geometries and execution guidelines. The book provides an analysis of display language logics: shapes, colors, alternations, display point and focal point.

The book is  rich in  illustrations, drawings and maps, and particularly full of suggestions and tips due to the contributions of Daniele Tirelli and Marco Turinetto. Use this guide as a “navigator” through the fascinating and multi-faceted world of visual merchandisers, sale and marketers as well as entrepreneurs.

Antonio Provenzano, is an expert of visual communication and Visual Merchandising; serving as a trainer in visual merchandising at numerous universities and training boards. He collaborates with a number of magazines with his articles and research on visual merchandising and store design. Antonio is currently in charge of Visual Merchandising at Iper Montebello SpA.

(source: francoangeli.it)