Grottini Retail Environments sponsor of POPAI's 5th edition of the annual conference "Retail Visions 2012". Eye on Retail Design and the Science of Display

"Visions and Strategies for the Construction of a Successful Brand"  is the focus of the 5th edition of the annual POPAI conference.  "Retail Visions 2012” will be held November 8th 2012, 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, at the Triennale in Milan.

An event bound to repeat the success of the previous edition’s participation with over 250 attendants, including top speakers, partners and managers of Italian and International brands. The focus of this edition will be upgrading of visual merchandising techniques, through the analysis of best practices presented by the best in the field.

The science of displaying products is an increasingly professional asset, critical for all retailers and integral in the design of the store: both visual and store design inter-connected and complementary, together able to give life to a unique and frustration free shopping experience.
This edition offers a rare opportunity of discussion and sharing with the forefront players in the current scene of visual communication, both in Italy and throughout the world. Attendees will analyze the relationship between retail design and visual merchandising, and the business impact of these synergies. The winner of the coveted “Retailer of the Year Italy 2012” award will be announced at this event.

Industry Luminaries stand out among the Speakers of the event:
Eric Feigenbaum, Chair of Visual Merchandising LIM COLLEGE
Luisa Collina, Professor of Design at the Politecnico of Milano
Angelo Michilli, Owner Michilli Inc
Francesca Murialdo, Director laboMint
Cristina Lazzati, Vicedirector Retail Area Sole 24 Ore Group, will be the conference moderator.

Here, all information about the event registration: //www.popai.it/section/zoom/4958
(source: popai.it)