The Higg index

SAC, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, association connecting all major players of global apparel and footwear industry, launches the HIGG, the index of sustainable fashion.

Good news from the Sustainability world, in the apparel and footwear industry, thanks to the SAC, Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

The association which represents mor e than 60 brands of apparel area (including Adidas, Asics, Coca Cola, H&M) retailers, manufacturers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, experts and academics (more than 1/3 of the market), developed and launched the 'Higg Index’; conceived to evaluate the environmental performance of products in fashion industry.

The index is based on pre-established assessment tools such as the Outdoor Industry Association's Eco Index and Nike's Environmental Apparel Design Tool, in order to more accurately measure the environmental and social impacts of the industry. In this way, companies can identify opportunities to lower impact and enhance long-term sustainability. The variables of reference for the evaluation are varied and complex: materials, packaging, manufacturing, transportation, through to the end of life of the product. The current Higg version is focused on the measurement of environmental performance required in the following categories: water use and quality, energy and greenhouse gases, waste, chemicals and toxicity. SAC is constantly committed to refining this instrument. For the future, they anticipate the embedding of metrics related to social and labor aspects.
Conceived to be a unique, transparent and open source, to assess the environmental impact of the entire life cycle of an apparel or footwear item, the index can also turn into a universal tool for conveying the sustainability of the product to the consumers and operators.

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