The shopping soundtrack

Music, a strategic element contributing to enhance the consumer's shopping experience and to strengthen the brand.

The Retail Industry is a complex and curious “creature”, where today more than ever it is critical to be the best: Often overlooked, is the importance of music in the environment , both for customers and for staff. The right music is able not only to make the shopping experience more fun and engaging, but can also strengthen the brand, extend the shopping visit and motivate customers to return.

The right music allows customers feel at ease when shopping; a silent store may be found as a less inviting and motivating environment, and can shorten the shopping visit.

The choice of the right music for a retail environment must be strategic, and based upon the core customer of your brand, and their lifestyle. The right mix will catch the consumers’ ear, reinforce the ambiance of your environment and captivate your shopper.

Music can also bring the advantage of strengthening the brand; when you offer a well curated and original music selection, customers will associate music to your product and brand.

While primarily music will make customers happy and enhance their shopping experience, don’t underestimate the positive impact to staff. Music can motivate performance, create a positive morale and even increase productivity and decrease team turn-over!