Grottini & Carlo Pazolini

Grottini Retail Environments and Carlo Pazolini, a leading company in fashion footwear and accessories: come together for the creation of two new Coin corners.

Let's enter the glittering world of fashion thanks to a brand new project, featuring Grottini Retail Environments alongside Carlo Pazolini, leader in the footwear trade, with offices and stores all over the world. The project delivers two new corners within specific spaces inside the Coin department stores in Varese and Rome Bufalotta.
Italian traditions and contemporary design, from the unmistakable style of Pazolini brand, to Grottini's production, to the design headed by the Italian architect Giorgio Borruso, a name worldwide renowned, thanks to his award-winning projects and recognitions in the design field, and already awarded with Carlo Pazolini at the A.R.E. Retail Design Awards or Retail Design Institute's Design Awards and, most recently, at the 2012 AIA/Los Angeles Design Award for the Soho NY flagship store.

Grottini Retail Environments followed and implemented the entire process of industrialization and production of all aspects giving life to the new spaces. The production phase was preceded by an early stage of prototypes at the Porto Recanati headquarters, then discussed together with Pazolini's team and the architect Giorgio Borruso.
As usual, Grottini also dedicated great attention to the selection of materials with high performance in terms of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability, for example the lacquered MDF, aluminum tables with top covered in felt and LED lighting under the shelves. Care was taken also in specific details, such as the adaptation of the area to the new concept, such as the device for fixing elements to walls without affecting the preexisting structures.

The two corners, of around 35 square meters, express and carry all the best of Pazolini's world, making the most of all its creations for women and men and the whole range of accessories. Within the space all details are designed and built to offer the best brand experience conveyed by a warm space where the customer feels at ease and free to satisfy all shopping wishes.

Photos: Richard Cadan (