New Marketing.

Technology, strategy, consumers and the change of scenery: here is an interesting overview of the new marketing, present and future and how to respond to the challenges it offers.

Thanks to a video and a wide overview offered within the "Smarter Planet" area of IBM web site, we talk about Marketing, the new facets of the Chief Marketing Officer and the new consumer.
Through interviews carried out among 1,700 CMOs revealed that marketing professionals are convinced that "big data", the amount of information today generated by consumers, the massive use of all latest mobile devices and the impact of social media is radically transforming the way they plan and operate. This implying the need to adapt to change and reinvent the basics on which marketing works.
The customer is no longer a "market segment" but a single individual; consumers generate a huge amount of data allowing marketers to know and understand targets. The identikit of the customer then comes from the analysis of data from transactions, social networks, and used services and researches. And thanks to this you can spot and define more precisely the target to be reached.
Earlier it was the CMO to orient the customer's wishes, today they can be anticipated, thanks to increasingly sophisticated analysis that lead to a "holistic" vision of the customer experience and to find new ways to engage the customer; a more complete and personalized view that goes beyond the simple client-profile. And for the customer, this means a more concrete and targeted service.
And if it is true that companies can monitor consumers, today consumers to monitor companies’ behavior. It is therefore important to keep the "consistency" between the values the company bases on and what it promises to consumers. The Marketing of the present and the future, therefore, is more and more influent and effective, less intrusive and more "empathetic".

Let’s see how today new customer is: