Savvy Biz

Online-Instore Sales

Let's talk about "savvy small business" and an innovative and original way of rethinking the concept of shopping, store and sales. Of course, this new trend comes from the United States.

In the series of "Small Business Savvy" highlighted by USA TODAY, "small savvy businesses", are recognized for their ability to stand out for smart, innovative approaches in the retail sector.
Anyone entering a Bonobos Guide Shop in Washington DC can't help but notice that there's very little actual merchandise. This is not a casualty but a choice. Bonobos (pronounced "bu-NO-bos") Guide Shops are a chain of apparel stores dedicated to men, that actually don't sell anything. Customers visiting the shop can view and try on samples in various sizes, create combinations and outfits while getting the sales staff's advice. In the event customers decide to make a purchase, they will place their order via the Bonobos website. A tiny store but with a large volume of business.

If other companies follow this trend (perhaps better to say "When" they follow rather than "If"), this could significantly transform the business model for the North American nation's 895,800 retail points. Just as media giants were forced to adapt to the virtual world and recreate themselves, so sooner may American retailers, whose sales this year are expected to reach $3.1 trillion dollars. (National Retail Federation) The question is: Isn't "Shopping" defined by leaving a shop with one or more bags of merchandise? Apparently not, explains Bonobos' founder, Andy Dunn: "We believe service to be more important than the instant gratification the purchase offers. What's the difference between leaving with a bag of shirts and trousers and having them delivered to your place the next day? ".
Almost half of the clients of Bonobos Guide Shop in Washington book online appointments for their visit, so typically there are no more than two or three people at the same time in the store, with two or three employees at their disposal, (offering each shopper a cold beer as they arrive for their consultation.)
So, is this online-instore sale of the future?