Grottini & Piazza Italia

Grottini Retail Environments partners with Piazza Italia, Italy's leader in fast fashion, in the creation of their exciting new concept store.

A brand new concept store was recently opened within the shopping center in Casamassima (Bari, Italy). Architect Keith Gibson of Grottini Retail Environments Design Department led the evolution of a classic department store to an interactive and encompassing environment which leads shopper interactions through thoughtful interior design, visual merchandising and organizational layout.

The decor is straightforward, simplified and bright, the choice of white enhances and emphasizes both products and imagery, the color separating and enlivening each department. The color and images build a captivating impact and emotional connection with the shopper. Light and shape merge and create an actual stage, where a wide variety of product range is displayed. Both the innovative LED and traditional lighting systems combine to support the radiant impact of white environment.

Flooring provides the visual texture of a woven fabric, the weave reflecting and absorbing light and optically balancing furniture and sight lines. The colors of light and dark gray provide a clean horizontal perspective, adding to the simple elegance of the space.

The result is a store which welcomes and speaks to the modern family, and delivers an enjoyable and pleasurable shopping experience for all.

Discover the new store, through the gallery of photographs taken by our talented friend and collaborator, Richard Cadan.