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Events& Sponsorship
Grottini Retail Environments always on the front line when it comes to all major and most awaited events in the retail sector, scheduled overseas from Chicago, Dallas and Seattle, to Toronto and Vancouver.


Let's go through the calendar to see what are all major events seeing Grottini Retail Environments again present as "precious" sponsor. First comes A.R,E. Design Awards, 2013 edition, under the auspices of the Association for Retail Environments, having its award ceremony inside the Globalshop, at the Hard Rock Cafe Downtown Chicago. Grottini Retail Environments is present as Diamond Sponsor to this celebration of the most acclaimed and popular "retail rock star" of the industry. Then comes the ever-popular Shoptalk Series, which will see Grottini Retail Environments present as Platinum Sponsor at the future autumn events, scheduled in the US, precisely in Dallas and Seattle, as well as in Canada in Toronto, between September and October 2013. And always in fall time, another unmissable event will have Grottini as Emerald Sponsor: IRDC, 2013, edition 13. The International Retail Design Conference will be on again, after the last editions success and will be held in September (17 to 19) at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver (Canada). See you there!