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Grottini & Lulu Mall Kochi
Grottini Retail Environments and Emke Group together again for the creation of the largest shopping Mall of South India.


Reconfirmed the significant  partnership between Grottini Retail Environments and the Lulu Hypermarket division of the Abu Dhabi based Emke Group. The renowned trend setter in the Retail industry with over 100 stores throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia, represents a symbol of quality retail.
An example of refined architecture and one of a kind shopping throughout all of South India, the imposing Lulu Mall Kochi covers a total area of ​​250,000 square meters spread over 3 levels and aims at becoming the most sought-after shopping destination for residents and tourists from all over the world.
A highly careful selection of materials, colors, lighting and visual communication, was performed by the Design office at Grottini Retail Environments in the creation of special areas for the 7,500 sq. m Department Store and the 2,700 sq. m Lulu Celebrate Store which is a particular space dedicated to wedding dresses. Both locations aim to create an image able to be strongly distinctive and contemporary.
The interiors are dynamic and versatile, thanks to an ample range of color variations and  all types of display elements that mark and distinguish each different sector.
The Lulu Kochi Mall thus turns into a small town where the visitor is pushed to go and discover every corner, enjoying an exciting and amusing shopping experience.
Let's go through the very best moments of Lulu Mall great opening, which took place in March, through the professional “eye” of our friend and collaborator Richard Cadan.

Lulu Mall Kochi, the “World of Happiness”.