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Purchases & Sustainability
Focus back again on green issues and Corporate Social Responsibility, thanks to an interesting initiative held in Milan, the conference "Sustainability & Purchasing Day.


Let's give space to our "green talks", inspired by the conference "Sustainability & Purchasing Day", recently held in Milan and focused on Green/Sustainable Procurement, or, as in the International Dictionary, the integration of environmental parameters in the procurement of companies. During the conference works, were revealed the results of the study: "The sustainability practices in the Financial Supply Chain CSR 2011," conducted by the CSR Observatory of Avanzi organization. The study stated the situation of companies listed in the FTSE All Share index (over 200 titles): if and how this issue is taken into consideration, if there is a figure of manager in charge of this specific matter, and which the tools the company uses to promote responsible and sustainable behavior in the supply chain. Here are some significant results and data: as for the space dedicated to to the reporting related to the integration of CSR in the supply chain, 53% of the sample group dedicate a space of more than 5 pages. While when it comes to Ethics Code, despite the fact that 90% of the sample provides a space for relationships with suppliers within the document, only the 10% indicates specific ethical commitments, or the real integration of the principles of social and environmental responsibility, (for instance, the choice of more virtuous suppliers). As for their selection, the 78% of those companies assesses environmental and social responsibility criteria. As many as 60% of the sample includes CSR clauses in contracts and papers for tenders. Sustainability is paramount to Grottini Retail Environments, all along strongly active and committed on this front, from the strategic and organizational level, to the operational and productive one.