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Human shopping experience
Thanks to innovative technologies and social networks, the in store experience in the store is having a positive trend, despite the success of online shopping.


Despite online giants such as Amazon keep on ruling, now more than ever in store shopping is living such a happy moment. This is thanks to new technologies such as interactive displays and the shopper tracking, allowing involvement and a customization, preserving the "human" aspect of purchase, and making personal service so important. Today innovative tools are available to retailers and consumers to make the shopping experience absolutely amazing and memorable. Actually, you can customize the experience even before the customer enters the store. For example, Modcloth is a service providing consumers with personalized advice based on purchases and preferences. Retailers can easily adopt a similar model, for example, through social networks or apps where users enter data and details. Imagine being welcome and called by name in your favorite store and enjoy a selection of your favorite articles ready for you at a special price! So the retailer may be able to anticipate exactly what customer wants and looks for and stick it in hand. An example is the fashion retail giant Burberry, which is testing an innovative tool called Customer 360, for the continuous monitoring of the consumer: shopping habits, like stores, brands chosen, fashion fads etc.. In this way you create a digital profile (accessible from the sales staff via tablet), with a constantly updated database with the "shopping history"; through all precise and focused information is possible to perfectly customize the service , also considering the consumer's perspectives about the brand and specific products. Creating a personalized shopping experience not only increases the sale chances but also the sense of the "value" of the brand and the consumer.