Alessandro Luciani and Grottini
working together for DS Group

An innovative concept store for an interactive shopping experience

After the innovative Dr Fleming project, the designer Alessandro Luciani challenges himself with an innovative concept store which was just inaugurated in Milan: the new digital boutique by DS Group, an Italian company specializing in application solutions design and development in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

The concept, elaborated by the retail designer Alessandro Luciani and developed entirely by Grottini Retail Environments, was created with the aim of making the store experience exciting and multisensorial, thanks to the innovative solutions developed by DS Group in collaboration with Samsung Electronics, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, Ingenico and Motorola.

Designed for the fashion and luxury retail sector, the digital boutique is equipped with the latest technologies for a multichannel retail experience: customer recognition and mapping at the entrance; Interactive Digital Signage with touch screens projecting customized contents which provides suggestions based on gender and age; interactive stations that allow you to buy in store with delivery directly to your home (Hybrid Shop Experience); multimedia dressing room that monitors the movement of items, providing the company with a statistic of what has been tried on and what has been sold; interactive touch screen mirror that suggests outfits and allows you to share it on social media (Smart Dressing Room); Mobile Payment through mobile devices helping to eliminate long queues.

"These solutions", says Alessandro Luciani , "allow for a focus on the person at the center of the buying process and the experience in the store. I enlivened the digital technologies which are usually perceived as cold and distant elements. Indeed technologies can be tactile, multisensory and captivating".

"In addition to the advantages for the customer", says Romeo Quartiero, president and chief executive officer of DS Group, "the brand is able to learn more about the customer. By entering into more direct contact with him, it optimizes warehouse and distribution, making marketing and customer care more efficient. These solutions improve company efficiency and productivity, thus reducing costs".

Watch the Samsung and DS Group video, developed by Samsung Italia.

Photo by Richard Cadan

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