40 years of history and technology in the new Grottini Retail Environments Inspirational Hub.

10 a.m.

May 22nd 2015, Grottini Retail Environments opened the Inspirational Hub showroom at their Recanati location. Designed by Alessandro Luciani for the occasion of the company's 40th anniversary, the Inspirational Hub is not only an exhibition space, but an interactive environment where you can draw inspiration from all around the world.

The Inspirational Hub is set in a dark environment where bright green trails, (the color of the brand) intersect with each other and develop just like Grottini projects and ideas. The hexagon, a symbol of the interaction, is a recurring element.

"I developed this project in order to capture the attention of the viewer not only from the main entrance, says Alessandro Luciani, but also from the upper floor, where you have a different view, a surprising one, like our different thought patters."

The Grottini Inspirational Hub is divided into three rooms: the Spazio Museo (Museum Space), which exhibits Grottini's 40 year history; the Spazio Sociale (Social Space), showcasing finished projects, and the Spazio Futuro (Future Space), dedicated to innovation and their values, entirely created with eco-friendly materials, LED lights and recycled wallpaper. The Inspirational Hub combines communication retail solutions developed by Grottini Communication and the technology systems by Grottini Lab: in short, the innovation of Grottini Advanced Retail World.

Grottini brings the sector's international experts to Italy for the 2020 Retail Industry

3 p.m.

To celebrate their 40th year of activity in the field of holistic retail environments and innovative communication tool creation, Grottini Advanced Retail World organized the "Retail Industry 2020 - Global Trends and Visions" in Ancona, a day that explores topics such as best practice, trends and visions in a sector that is developing at an incredible pace.

Joe Baer
CEO & Creative Director at ZenGenius - USA

James Damian
Brand Integration Services - USA

Nicola Evoli
CIO - Intl sales Strategy at Grottini Retail Environments - USA

Prof. Eric Feigenbaum
Chair of Visual Merchandising at LIM College - USA

Prof. Gianluca Gregori
Pro-rettore Università Politecnica delle Marche - IT

Prof. Sauro Longhi
Rettore Università Politecnica delle Marche - IT

John Ryan
Stores Editor at Retail Week - UK

Ulrich Spaan
Senior Vice President EHI Retail Institute - DE

Prof. Daniele Tirelli
President of POPAI Italia - IT

The event, organized in collaboration with the Università Politecnica delle Marche, attracts leading professionals and consultants in the retail sector from all over the world to the Marche region. Speeches by Eric Feigenbaum, Ulrich Spaan, James Damian, John Ryan and Joe Baer can be seen on the Grottini YouTube channel.

The current retail revolutions, the latest visual merchandising trends, and the advent of the online store are just some of the main topics addressed by the speakers during the successful convention thanks to the participation and interest of all students and staff.

Grottini Retail Environments celebrates 40 years of business

9:30 p.m.

In the evening, the entire Grottini family welcomed old and new friends to the eighteenth century Buonaccorsi villa in Potenza Picena, to celebrate the Grottini Retail Environments'40th anniversary.

The dinner was enlivened by the charming music of the Mark Zitti and the Coltelli Brothers swing band, DJ Francesco Facchinetti, and by a spectacular laser show.

Before cutting the cake, the company's founder Pietro Grottini invited his friends Paolo Bravi, engineer, athlete and president of Recanati Grottini Running Team (which recently won two silver medals at the European and World 100 km road race Championship, congratulations!) and Davide Tardozzi, Ducati Corse team manager and former Grottini team racer, onto the stage.

Joined later on stage by his wife, Mirella, his children Francesca, Francesco and Federica, as well as his grandchildren, Pietro Grottini thanked all customers, suppliers and employees for their support and commitment during these 40 years of business. "Over the years the family has grown: they had children and grandchildren, the number of hired help, pets, athletes and fans has increased" says Pietro "Today many people share what to me and my wife Mirella is very dear: a love of nature, the genuineness of human values and of the simple things. 40 years of business is not a goal but a significant step. The company for me is a great extended family", he highlighted to the crowd.

It was an unforgettable evening full of emotions, continued late into the night. Hopefully the next 40 years will be just as successful.

Grottini and Cheil win in the Store category at the Italian Popai Award 2015 for the Samsung Shop in Shop in Milan

Grottini Retail Environments has received another important award this year, winning the Italian POPAI Award 2015 in the category "Store" for the realization of the "Samsung Shop in Shop" in via Marghera street in Milan.

The international Popai association globally promotes, the culture of the retail store, awarding the Italian POPAI Award each year. It is the most prestigious award for excellence of Point of Purchase (POP) and the Retail Marketing.

Samsung has entrusted Cheil Italy, an affiliated company specialized in marketing consultancy and communication services, and Grottini Retail Environments, a company with much international experience, with the realization of the Samsung Shop in Shop, located in the historic Mondadori store in Milan.

In addition to developing the "Shop in Shop" project in Milan, Samsung, Cheil Italy, and Grottini have also collaborated to build dedicated areas within large retail chains and specialty stores in numerous Italian cities.

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