Big opportunities
with Mobile Advertising

Thanks to Geolocation and data analytics, retailers are able to better monitor and understand their consumers.

Over the past 15 years, the retail world has deeply changed: online purchases have increased however reaching consumers through traditional media channels such as TV, radio and press has become more difficult. The widespread use of tablets and smartphones offers new opportunities to all retailers, especially to those that combine the great potential of mobile advertising with traditional stores, thus increasing their development.
Combining geolocation with data analytics, retailers can send targeted ads to consumers while they are searching for a product online, playing with their smartphone at the bus stop, or when they are near the store.

Curing In-store No Sales Syndrome: Why Mobile Advertising is "the New Black" in Advertising is an ebook which focuses on this important topic (free download). It is hosted online by Retail Dive, a site that collects and publishes news and analysis on the retail world . This ebook cites eMarketer research according to which American advertisers in 2016 will spend $40 billion more than in the previous year to reach consumers on their tablets and smartphones. They invite retailers to keep three key concepts in mind:

The future is mobile
Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to research online before making a purchase in a physical store. Furthermore, those who use a smartphone inside the store are more likely to make a purchase than those who do not use it.

Mobile advertising is still advertising
The technology is new but the goal is always the same: to influence consumer behavior, applying the same principles that are valid for other media channels.

Context plays a key role
Mobile devices can locate the consumer but it's the retailer's job to recognize the context and relevance.

Ultimately, the combination of locating consumers with the potential of data analytics offers retailers the opportunity to develop advertisements that are customized and adapted to the context by enhancing the consumer shopping experience.

Source: Retail Dive

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