Grottini together with THUN
A business strategy focused on simple values.

"With our products we want to convey simple values, bring smiles to people through heart warming shapes and colors." Luca Dalla Serra, THUN Spa Commercial Director, chooses passionate (and sincere) words to describe the company founded in Bolzano, which is a leader in the home accessories and gifts sector, making customers happy with their handcrafted creations since 1950.

The increasingly functional, decorative, unique and, most importantly, accessible creations today include new gift ideas, household items, and women's and children's accessories. These are distributed in about 1000 Italian stores of which 350 are franchises and 600 are shops-in-shops in the wedding registry and gift sector.

Grottini Retail Environments was chosen by THUN as partner for its retail development. "It is very important to us to convey the values of our company and to ensure the best customer experience for customers coming into our stores", continues Dalla Serra "How do we do it? By setting up 18 different shop windows, renewed every year, organizing 16 promotional activities to promote our collections and as well as targeted incentive systems, such as games and contests on our social networks. We want to tell about our brand through storytelling, which starts from the store, the shop windows, and store furnishings. To make this happen, Grottini was a key partner for us".

A great promising collaboration: "Grottini was able to understand our style, a style that we could define as "thunique". We appreciated the great speed and flexibility of the whole Grottini team, which are essential to seize market opportunities" says Dalla Serra.
Projects for the future?: "We are studying and developing a new range of display supports that will help us update our collections and the best way to display them in the store. The visual aspect is essential to convey the values of our company and to create an unforgettable and winning customer experience".

Photo by Richard Cadan

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