Consumers and the
"BOPIS" experience

What consumers expect when they "buy online, pick up in store"

In the age of evolving consumer preferences enabled by digital technologies, customers continue to seek not only convenience and ease of use while shopping online but also instant gratification in buyng items in store. For this reason, the buy online and pickup in store (BOPIS) option has become a key component of customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue growth.

For retailers, BOPIS has become a key element of a global business strategy as it allows them to leverage physical stores to offer the consumer a more convenient and personalized shopping experience. Bell and Howell conducted a survey-based study of 530 random shoppers to analyze what they believe to be most important about the BOPIS experience.

Here are some key findings of the study:

- Financial motivation (i.e., saving on shipping charges) was the key driver (76%) for selecting the BOPIS option.
- A rapid product retrieval experience is crucial. No waiting in line, ease of finding the pickup location, and a dedicated pickup counter contribute to the BOPIS experience.
- When it comes to being notified, speed was once again the consistent theme. 83% of consumers expected to hear back within 24 hours or less after placing an order online that their item was ready for pickup. Nearly 60% expected to hear back within the first four hours.

It is clear from the study that consumers want speed, convenience and timely communication for a better BOPIS experience. Currently, a small portion of total purchases are completed using the BOPIS option but it is a growing figure. Once the online customer is physically in the store to retrieve his items it is possible that they will decide to make new purchases in the store. In fact, 69% of consumers that used BOPIS option, bought more products, while 36% of buyers using this service made another purchase at an adjacent store while retrieving their item. Retailers should try to create the best in-store experience, focusing on what really matters to BOPIS customers: speed, convenience, and timely communication.

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