New perspectives for a better customer experience and journey

Generali is the largest Italian insurance company and one of the leading insurance groups in the world, with a capillary distribution network in the area.

Generali’s constant striving for innovation has led to the creation of the Innovation Park, a fully dedicated innovation center in Mogliano Veneto (TV) that focuses on artificial intelligence, innovative interaction channels, advanced connectivity devices, digitization of processes, Big Data and new ways of working. In the context of the Innovation Park the Generali Semplification Lab has come to be a reality, an area of about 435 square meters completely dedicated to the simplification program, to define and manage the best costumer experience and costumer journey.

The updated new design of the Generali Simplification Lab spaces was curated by Studio Pierpaolo Ricatti Architetto. All the fittings are the result of the collaboration between Sedus, Living Office and Grottini Retail Environments.

General Simplification Lab is an open space that develops in different areas, based on the principle "move people not furniture" in order to create a welcoming and comfortable environment designed to foster collaboration among colleagues.

Great care has been dedicated to the design of individual and group workspaces. Each workstation is equipped with a mobile drawer and large spaces have been dedicated to touch down settings. With the aid of soundproof glass walls, small meeting rooms have been created. A work-relax-café with tables and sofas creates a right balance between comfort and relaxation.

A successful project that redefines a new standard for the insurance world which we all at Grottini Retail Environments have been proud to participate in.

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