The future of retail

Sales-related factors are changing and influencing purchasing choices more and more. According to the "Future of Retail 2018" report by Walker Sands, this significant change in the retail sector is not only coming from politics, but also from the consumer device and the link between Amazon and innovative technological systems.
Consumers have increased their digital experiences and are more and more connected. 72% of consumers under the age of 36 own at least one connected device other than a smartphone or tablet; 93% of those between ages 18 and 25 have a non-smartphone/tablet connected device; 64% of consumers who own a voice-activated device, use it at least once a week and 50% of the sample examined made a voice-activated purchase last year. Thanks to this data, retailers are motivated to reach their target and the big internet companies like Amazon act as an example to improve and develop new business methods. Two out of five Amazon customers (41%) receive between one and two items a week, increasing to 50% for customers between 18 and 25 and 57% for customers between 26 and 35 years. The fast delivery offered by Amazon leads customers to expect similar services from all online retailers so, last year, 44% of consumers used a same-day delivery service during their purchases. This service has the double advantage of giving a benefit to the customer and increasing the company's web reputation. Consumers also confirm their interest in emerging product categories, for example, 39% say they want to buy groceries in the next year and more than a third of users (35%) would like to use Amazon to buy products prescribed by their doctor. Another important element that is affecting trade is politics. 65% of consumers say their government has influenced their buying habits, up from 40% last year. Erin Jordan, Head of Sales at Walker Sands Retail Technology, says:" As the lines between retail and other industries blur, brands, retailers and manufacturers need to transform the commerce experience into a more integrated part of the consumer lifestyle. Commerce is no longer about an intentional decision to go in store or online to buy a product. It is now about connecting with consumers in their everyday lives and offering them the ability to browse, research and purchase when and where it's convenient to them, "Concluding with an interesting insight: " forward, the brands and retailers that find new ways to engage consumers beyond traditional commerce will shape the future of retail."

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