Grottini with Acea Energia
New concept for Acea Energia stores

Acea Group is an Italian multiutility leader in the national market and active in the management and development of networks and services in the water, energy and environmental businesses.
Acea Energia, a Acea Group company operating in the electricity and gas market, is opening the first Acea Energia Shop with the aim of offering a new sales channel, closer to the citizens, and offering its services in a more flexible and capillary way within the territory.

The ACEA Group has chosen Grottini Retail Environments as a partner for the construction of the first Acea Energia Shop, which will be followed by the construction of new shops in the capital.
Grottini Retail Environments, thanks to the art direction of the designer Alessandro Luciani, has provided its experience in the design of efficient formats, as well as the creation of elements and complements to make the spaces modern and functional according to the project mood, having an inspiring theme: "Energy within home’s range".

Pierluigi Palmigiani, president of Acea Energia, says: "The concept of home, of security, of reliability and of transparency: these are the goals we want to capture in this, which is only the first of the stores we want to open in Rome. Two more will follow before the end of the year and then we have an implementation project for the next few years".

Simone Zamblera, Acea Energia sales manager, motivates the design choice adopted, whereas the different shop environments define precise proposals assets: "We have tried to represent the different sensibilities our customers may have: there are customers interested in having an 'offer in which energy is certified by renewable sources, labeled with the name 'green', there are customers interested in a 'tailored' offer for them, finally, there are customers interested in smart devices that we are also starting to market."

The "Acea Energia Shop" environments transmit a modern, warm mood, using evocative and emotional colors, with design elements capable of welcoming the visitor. The spaces are made with ecological materials and, to support the company's green vocation, wood and plants enrich the furnishing modules. Inside the shops there are dedicated workstations where the user can access MyAcea, the Group's online customer area where it is possible to manage their energy utilities; spaces in which the knowledge and management of one's energy plans takes on a wide-ranging experiential dimension.

Alessandro Luciani, who has signed the project, comments: "Acea Energia Shop is a store that represents and expresses the personality of the brand. We wanted to create an environment that immediately conveys a feeling of warmth and hospitality. For this reason we looked for the right balance between colors and materials, with the aim of recreating a welcoming and comfortable space like your own home. The result is a store with a simple design but with strong personality, clean and tidy, with balanced and warm light tones. All traits that help to distinguish Acea Energia from competitors in the sector."

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