Grottini for Honor
First Honor temporary store in Italy

After an initial online sale phase, on October 13th Honor inaugurated its first temporary store in Italy at the Iper Shopping Center in Arese - Milan, the largest shopping center in Europe.

With 120 million users worldwide, Honor is one of the largest e-brands in the high-tech sector. Starting from Shenzhen, the so called Asian Silicon Valley, Honor has conquered the international high-tech mobile market thanks to innovative systems, both for the software solutions adopted, and for the youthful and trendy design.

Grottini Retail Environments took care of the creation of the first Honor temporary store, with the creative direction of designer Alessandro Luciani.

The store is divided into experiential areas, where the visitor can fully immerse himself in Honor technology. The first part is dedicated to photography. Through a work by the artist Luca Valentini and a dedicated application, the visitor interacts with the painting, living an immersive experience by finding themselves "inside" the work itself. On the occasion of the inauguration of his new space, Honor invited the social influencer Francesca Cinà, aka MyWay. A second area is reserved for mobile gaming, where visitors participated in a Super Challenge with next-generation video games. Inside the third area it is possible to discover, test and buy different Honor products. The last space is dedicated to DJing, to mix songs loaded on Honor smartphones and to creating exclusive musical bases. At the opening, DJ Albert Marzinotto made the visitors dance at a Silent Disco using wireless headphones.

According to Alessandro Luciani, technological, innovative and experiential solutions reflect a concept: "Young, modern and with a strong impact. A store with an apparently simple but sophisticated design in solutions, capable of expressing itself with simplicity. A design that connects people with the Honor world." An example are the motion sensors placed on the outer walls of the store that invite the user to interact and have fun.

Stylistic solutions for interconnection are not just hyper-technological, in the store construction, a metal mesh that surrounds the reinforced concrete columns at the edge of the central island was used and luminous reticular geometries were used for the flooring.

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