Nicola Evoli at IRDC 2018
Thanks to everyone who made this edition unique

Dear Friends and Participants to IRDC 2018,

It has been a pleasure for me and Michael to return to the beautiful Seattle and enjoy great time with wonderful people who make our industry very special and fun to be part of. Special thanks to Joe Baer and his team for his Iron Merchant 'tribal' competition!

Of course it is always hard to have an opportunity to meet each one of you in person. With some we are already known to each other and IRDC is always an opportunity to get together and make sure we do not get too old to let down our passion, personal contributions and curiosity to discover always new ideas and trends. Personally I travel the world on business and as a matter of facts immediately after IRDC I flew to Dubai for another retail conference but let me tell you, that what make you and IRDC very special is a unique mix of talents, personal histories and visions. So, first of all thank you for your time, smiles, hugs, handshakes and kindness, not least your exchange of professional experience.

Thank you especially for attending the morning breakfast case study on the award winning Huawei Experience Store in Milan and meet me and Michael. Thanks also on behalf of our partner Mr Alessandro Luciani (designer) who could not attend in person and the top management at Huawei China and Italy (client).

If you have not registered yet for our newsletter, I would like to invite you to do that by visiting You will see how far we go from design, to store fixture, communication and analytics, from one end to another of the world, bringing together visions, diversity and multiple opportunities in retail environments.

As being in charge of strategy and international operations in our group, I like to attend these events to re-enforce our existing partnerships, explore and embrace more opportunities and I am happy to see so many of you alike.

Home for me is Minneapolis MN, and for Michael is Ft Lauderdale FL but we are constantly on the road and up in the air to be on sites and meet with clients and designers. Home for Grottini is Porto Recanati, Italy, a beautiful historic and natural spot in Central Italy that over the years has blended and harmonized renaissance, industry and high tech in a very unique form. We wish also to show our hospitality if you have an opportunity to visit.

Myself and Michael are available to correspond with you for any questions and projects. As a reminder I list hereto also our emails and phone numbers:

myself + 1 612 554 9417, Michael + 1 954 651 2197,

I would like to quote Carl Jung: "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.". I wish IRDC has made this happen again to all of you. I met my wife Krisann at IRDC as she is very much part of our same community and unfortunately she could not be with me this time but for many of you who know Krisann I wish also to pass her greetings.

With all the very best

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