Online brands choose
physical stores

Digital native brands will open 850 stores in 5 years

According to a report on over 100 top online retailers, carried out by JLL, a commercial real estate company, some e-retailers have decided to invest in sales at physical stores with the opening of 850 stores in the next 5 years.

"Click-to-brick retailer expansion plans demonstrate the value these brands attach to the physical presence with which they attract buyers," says JLL.

According to the JLL report, more than half (59.5%) of e-retailers opened their first pop-ups in New York City, followed by Los Angeles (16.2%) and Toronto (5.4%). More than a third (41.3%) opened the first permanent office in NY, followed by LA, San Francisco (12%) and Chicago (5.3%).

From the data collected, we note that the Pop-Up solution has increased, while the choice of a showroom seems to be less followed despite the greater possibilities offered. Among the sectors that use the showroom, 69.2% belong to the clothing and accessories sector, while the remaining 30.8% is dedicated to the furniture and home furnishings sector.

An example which helps to understand the phenomenon is that of Warby Parker, the eyewear company was among the first startups to reposition itself from online sales to physical store, opening the first store in SoHo, the NY district dedicated to shopping. From the first store in 2013 the company has opened more than 75 stores in the USA.

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