Grottini with Steve Madden
Constant evolution...

The Steve Madden brand stems from a clear vision: to revolutionize the footwear industry with iconic and creative designs. Today the company boasts millions of customers all over the world, winning the admiration of the most famous celebrities of international glamor such as Heidi Klum, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Kate Moss.

After 3 years of constant evolution and in close collaboration, Grottini Retail Environments strengthens its partnership with Steve Madden Ltd by supporting all phases of project implementation, from concept to technical and executive aspects.
With brand stores in Europe and its entry into the markets in UAE, Salvador, Guatemala, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, India, Paraguay, Poland, South Africa, Latvia, Lithuania, China and Mexico,
Steve Madden Ltd inaugurates its new store at Queens Center in New York. "Queens is my home, I was born in Queens so it's nice to come home," says fashion designer Steve Madden.
In the new store, which covers an area of over 90 square meters, design takes the mood of the streets of New York, the place where new trends are born and meet, without losing the right mix of sensuality, roughness and courage.

The design is contemporary, with elements of stylistic contamination that underlines the strong casual personality of the brand. Materials, surfaces and colors used are different, yet close to the various souls of Urban Style. The roughness and the heavy tones of cement meet the warm and natural grades of wood, in continuous dialogue with the finest materials such as marble and brass in different shades. The spaces are embellished with warm and refined elements to highlight the collection. The continuity in the walls, without any separation between the store areas, together with the accessory displays respond to the need to have a visual uniformity, maintaining flexibility in displaying the items and restoring the image of an open, practical and emotional space. The pavement and the washed concrete walls give a three-dimensional tone and a strong stylistic rigor. The wooden textures contrast and coexist at the same time with the surrounding materials.

The new store design not only offers a stylistic declination of the Steve Madden brand, but is a dynamic and modern tool for an engaging shopping experience, even online thanks to integrated sales technologies.

Photo by Richard Cadan

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