5 Important Retail Technologies
That Brands Should Have

Facilitating the buying experience helps maintain a relationship with customers

Forbes magazine has done an interesting analysis regarding retail-related technologies that all brands should aim for in 2019. The purpose of these technologies is not only to facilitate the consumer shopping experience, but also to strengthen retailers' commercial strategies and to help brands to always maintain a strong relationship with their customers.

Modern POS Terminals

The customer no longer wants to queue at the checkout today. Usually one of the causes of queues being formed is the failed operation of the POS terminal. This is why retailers should install modern cloud-based ones in order to allow payment even in the absence of a network. It can also help employees by facilitating return procedures, discounts, and the insertion of customer fidelity data.
Il POS Moderno
Amazon Go

Scan and Go

The Amazon Go concept store is the most glaring example of "scan and go" buying. There is no need for cashiers, or waiting for your turn at the checkout: Artificial Intelligence, with which these stores are equipped, recognizes the images of the products taken by the customer and debits their account directly.

Styling as a Service

On the basis of a previously completed personal questionnaire, customers can receive personalized design and style services made specifically for them. This is one of the services that can increase a client's affinity and loyalty. Available stylists, on-site alterations, style tips, and gift services are among the most requested.
Servizio di Styling
App dedicate ai Superfan

Mobile Apps for Super Fans

These mobile applications are developed only for the most loyal customers of a brand. With them, loyalty is rewarded by allowing you to preview products, have exclusive content and invitations to events. But that's not all: thanks to these apps, the customer becomes a real brand ambassador, also acting as a tester and providing personal information, thus also guaranteeing advantages for the brand itself.

Personalization 2.0

More and more brands are relying on Data Find Teams able to design new data collection methods, so as to collect and subsequently analyze the information obtained. One of the most successful examples are the In-App Quizzes that have allowed us to collect the style objectives, preferences and builds of various customers, then providing personalized advice based on what was indicated as a reward.


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