Omnichannel also wins
for Christmas shopping

The shopping season begins

A recent SAP study showed that retailers who offer an omnichannel experience have the opportunity to offer better performances for this Christmas shopping season.

In fact, only 17% of consumers are thinking of not buying online, while 67% say they are starting their gift hunting online. However, 33% still begin their gift research in-store, and the ritual of Christmas shopping in a physical store seems to still be a tradition for 63% of consumers.

But search methods have also changed. Specifically, it seems as if 45% of consumers have planned to make their purchases from a mobile device, while 25% will do so using their voice assistant.

63% of consumers seem more inclined to order their purchases online and then collect them at the store.

Another interesting fact concerns when people are shopping. It seems that 75% have planned their purchases during Cyber Week or between the 2nd and 8th December.

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