To all of our Clients, Visitors and Peers,

We at Grottini wish to express our sincere gratitude for your encouraging feedback and active engagement in the Agora Experience. Euroshop 2020 was the launchpad of our new philosophy in this age of the Renaissance of Retail, across all sectors that serve the customer. This concept was the outcome of our internal Strategic Design Capability engaging every discipline from within, to co-create a multi sensory experience that engages the visitor, the customer and the employee, to interact and build relationships that last.

It was you, the audience that ignited our inspiration to rise to a higher purpose for the benefit of human relations in public spaces. It was the countless conversations allowing us to walk in your shoes to better understand the pain points of your customers, enabling us to serve their unmet needs and aspirations.

It was you, that shared the voice of your employees and your customers that enabled us to realize what was missing in the retail experience across all touch points. To that end we created a better expression of ourselves in order to serve you in a new and better manner as strategic partners in the customer experience.

It is us, our combined intelligence of the global marketplace that will foster more growth together because of our empathy as we unite humanity with commerce. A better way to do Good and do Well. It is our core belief that WE>me!

It is because of all of you, that we decided to create a new philosophy, birthed from our culture, values and commitment to serve this idea, that we are better,together. It was you that inspired us to deliver a visible manifestation of a retail experience that brings us closer to why we are in business in the first place.

A place that does what online cannot, a place that deploys social experiences using our five senses that fosters a playground of interactivity to build upon our human condition. This place is a place we call AGORA, a place to gather together.

This is where our Philosophy is grounded:

We thank you, all of you as well as all of our employees for the inspiration, encouragement and your overwhelming response to our vision for the future at Euroshop 2020 and beyond. We now look forward to a having a seat at your table to create your vision of a human centric experience on behalf of the communities you serve.

Grottini Agora

Grottini Agora

Grottini Agora

Grottini Agora

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