This edition of our newsletter has the foremost priority to reaffirm and share all our values and the sense of belonging to all humanity, as our readers, customers, partners and collaborators. The message we gave to the world on the occasion of the last Euroshop edition, was to reaffirm the centrality of man even before material achievements, the dawn of a new humanism in which technology is at the service of knowledge and sharing becomes a necessary step for widespread and sustainable well-being.

We live a difficult time, both for human relations and for the economy as a whole. Nature, in the form of a virus, is teaching us that we share the same spaces, the same resources and also the same hopes, also underlining our own material fragility. We have helped to create AGORA, a team of people with different experiences but absolutely complementary, to go beyond the excellence of each individual. We have even more ambitious projects which can be achieved by anticipating the culture of human and economic relations with the equation of WE> ME. Ethics in social responsibility, in which everything plays an important role regardless of one's position and job.

Grottini team


"Behind every problem, there is an opportunity. It's all matter of perspective and will."
Grottini team


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

We face profound transformations that we try to welcome with enthusiasm and not with fear, to find ourselves active subjects and not passively undergo change. Our group has already made available its technology, specific skills and production to serve what may be required by commercial establishments to ensure greater environmental safety for those who work and those who go to those spaces. We have encouraged teleworking, a process that was already contemplated in our plans, and we are exploring new potential for the development of goods and services in the short and long term, keeping the principles of safety of our collaborators firm and trying as much as possible to guarantee employment and development. Obviously the problems of the whole economic system are also those that we suffer every day, but we fight with the strength of the ideas and the courage of the group. We want to show leadership and be part of those who would like to lead by examples.

We thank everyone, collaborators , customers and suppliers, who give us an extraordinary example of empathy, mutual collaboration and determination. We extend this thanks and best wishes to all families, whose value is a fundamental contribution to our cohesion.

Grottini team


"Stop oxygenating and then hold your breath in a long apnea!"
Grottini team


"There is enough space in your mind to find new solutions."
(T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen)
Grottini team


"What does not kill you only makes you stronger."
(F. Nietzsche)
Grottini team


"The glory does not consist in never falling, but in knowing how to get up after the fall."
Grottini team


"A change in form but not in substance."
Grottini team


"What does not kill you only makes you stronger."
(Eleanor Roosevelt)
Grottini team


"This virus attacks the lungs, not the heart"

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