Grottini for Arval

The innovation continues

Continuous innovation is the keyword that has driven the Arval Network project from the very beginning. This project saw Grottini Retail Environments working in synergy with Arval, the largest European long-term rental player specialized in mobility services. There are almost 1,300 mobility centers located throughout the Italian territory that are able to guarantee not only the highest standards of assistance, maintenance, and car care, but are also able to make the main Arval products available to their customers, primarily the long-term rental.

Grottini Retail Environments, after the careful analysis and creative contribution of designer Alessandro Luciani, developed a concept that was able to adapt to realities located throughout the country that are so different from each other but that at the same time would make the Arval identity strong.

The development and implementation of all the components of the new project, which were subsequently carried out, included environments and furniture elements designed and created exclusively for Arval. These were primarily designed to welcome the customer, thereby transforming a service into a positive experience.

Marco Mosaici, director of Aftermarket Networks Arval and proponent of this important project, has always seen an added value for the Arval brand in these centers: “In 2021 we will continue the branding activity of our preferential network auto repair shops, so that everyone sports the Arval colors and logo as local ambassadors of our products, services, and values. This important project has found in Grottini a reliable and flexible partner, able to interpret quality also in terms of user experience that we are committed to guaranteeing to our customers every day”.

Within the Arval network itself there are workshops that continue to innovate and experiment. One example is the Bruognolo centers led by Salvio Bruognolo, an entrepreneur from Campania who, over the years, has transformed the family business into an important car repair center. They now have two operational centers and two Arval collection centers.

The Bruognolo centers were among the first to boast such large areas, hundreds of square meters already in the mid-seventies. Ten years later the skills were extended to all areas of auto repair, including mechanics and electronics. “One of our flagships - Bruognolo tells us - is certainly the Arval del Vomero Collection Center which deals with all the services aimed at motorists who drive Arval cars: from delivery services to acceptance, to delivery of the replacement car in a dedicated environment complete with offices, meeting room and waiting room”.

Arval with its specialized centers constitutes a team that, in such a difficult year, has been able to react with courage to unexpected challenges. The Grottini team is proud to be part of this great project.

Grottini Grottini Grottini Grottini Grottini

Salvio Bruognolo (Entrepreneur) Marco Mosaici (Director of Aftermarket Networks Arval)

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