for luxury fashion brands

New challenges in the COVID era

The atypical nature of 2020 has forced many brands to reinvent themselves and find new formulas for engaging consumers.
This is why many fashion houses have resorted to gamification as a marketing tool.
With the reduction of inflow to the store, it is still necessary to let your customers or potential customers experience the atmosphere of the boutiques, the colours and sounds that tell them about the brand's aesthetic. Gamification has also proved to be a very useful mechanism to involve the new generations, from Millennials to Gen Z.

But what benefits does this marketing technique offer to fashion luxury brands?
First of all, it allows you to start a storytelling process, for example many brands have chosen to tell their story through gamification.
The path of discovery that is the basis of any game and that pushes the player to reach the next level becomes a valid tool to lead consumers to discover new products and collections. The importance of the immersive experience that manages to create a high degree of consumer involvement is also not to be underestimated.
Gamification then becomes a fundamental starting point for lead generation; access to the gaming platform allows you to collect information about users in order to then be able to offer tailor-made content and promotions at a later time.

To feel connected to a brand, luxury clients must perceive a “VIP treatment” that is essentially expressed with a system of rewards earned through game play. The list of luxury fashion brands that have resorted to gamification over the years is very long, from Kenzo to Gucci, and from Burberry to Moschino. In the next few days is the launch of Balenciaga's autumn-winter 2020 collection with a project that catapults the brand into the world of pixels.
It will in fact be a videogame set in 2031 entitled “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” with graphics that openly recall sci-fi imagery and the space race to introduce Balenciaga's winter season.

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